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Hands free lighting

While working in my yard last night and the sun began to set I came to a realization. This was a major over site in my preparation for what might be headed for me in my future. What will happen if I am forced to find shelter and what if that time occurs during the evening?  Grab a flashlight right? Well I had one and it was a good Streamlight. The only problem was I needed two hands. I decided to check for a light that i didn’t need my hands to utilize. I also wanted it to be light as I didn’t want to add much to my bag or to my person. With those requirements I found the Energizer Pro 6. The  Energizer Pro 6 has a 95 lumen light has an 8.5 hour run time with an 18 meter beam penetration.  The headlight also pivots and has a removable head strap which further enhance this light’s usefulness.  This light will give me the illumination that I need but give me the freedom to use my hands to gather the necessary items for my survival. While I don’t think this replaces a flashlight I think this light has it’s place and is well worth the small amount of space it requires in my bag.

Best Field Dress Kit

After looking at several reviews online i came to the conclusion that when looking for a knife I need a knife that is not only good for cutting but also is durable enough for me to survive with. I wanted a knife that would cut saw through wood, pry open items and handle what ever non traditional task I Threw at it. The Gerber Myth field Dress Kit (designed by professional hunters and guides) seemed to be able to provide me with the takes a licking and keeps on ticking mentality. One review stated that

“The Myth performs extremely well, even after taking a beating. By the time I cleaned a buck with the drop point Fixed Blade Pro, I’d already cleared and cut branches with it around my treestand, pried up a barbed wire fence post, threw it against the ground from 30 feet and used it for an hour of cardboard box tear down at the house. I didn’t sharpen the blade before burying it in the flesh of a whitetail, but it still held an edge considerably well.” Eric Conn

this and several other reviews has me putting this blade in my Bug-out-bag.

What makes a good flashlight

What makes a good flashlight? The answer appears to be it depends. Like most things it depends on your needs. Lets take a step back for a second. The two types of flashlights I am going to look at are Incandescent and LED. I am leaving HID out because of the cost but it works similar to the incandescent but is more shock resistant.

  • Incandescent – made with a glass bulb and a tungsten filament. The bulbs are under vacuum or filled with argon, krypton or xenon.
  • LED (light-emitting diodes) – It is a pn-junction diode, which emits light when activated.

Incandescent lights are usually brighter than LED lights but are less reliable. An Incandescent filament can break easily if the light is dropped rendering it useless. The battery life is also significantly shorter. An LED can run at full strength hundreds of hours where a Incandescent light will start to fade after a few hours.

In summary, LED bulbs are more durable and last longer on a single battery run. Incandescent bulbs are brighter but use more power and are more easily broken or burned out.

If it is good enough for the Police (review) it is good enough for me Click Here

Streamlight SL-20L
Streamlight SL-20L

What Kind Of Person Is A Prepper?

Great read on the label of being a prepper.



By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

First of all, and unfortunately, the word ‘prepper’ has become somewhat of a bad word, thanks to the mainstream and the way that they’ve portrayed a minority of the overall preparedness-minded crowd, having often hand-picked the most extreme examples they could come up with and affixing their ways to the label of ‘prepper’.

Having said that, I often use the phrase ‘preparedness-minded’ to represent my own general interpretation of the prepper majority.

So, that aside, what is the general mindset of the prepper? I suspect that a preparedness-minded person may posses one or more of the following traits:

Someone who is somewhat (or very) skeptical (in a healthy way) of the mainstream status quo, the existing state of affairs, and how they are being presented, portrayed, and perceived by the masses – any or all of which may affect that someone…

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Prepping vs Bushcraft: Which is Better for SHTF?



By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

There has been a lot of spirited discussion in the comments this week so I thought I would try to throw another log on the fire and see what debate this article would generate. There seem to be two sides to this survival coin in terms of what people believe are the best tactics and skills needed to survive anything that comes your way. On one side we have preppers who tend to have certain interests and opinions. The other side is Survivalists or people who practice the art of Bushcraft. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but who do you think would fare better in a SHTF scenario? Who would win in the battle of Prepping vs Bushcraft?

What are the traits of a Prepper?

Before I get into the main question I think it is a good idea to define what…

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survival cooking gear: The Dutch Oven

I have all this food for my survival but nothing to cook it on. In order to boil the water what should I use. As far as survival cooking gear I am looking at two different methods. One is a 3 in 1 collapsible unit Click Here. The other is a cast iron dutch oven Click Here.

The dutch oven appears to be heavier but more sturdy. The three in one gives me multiple ways to heat the water or cook food if I am fortunate to get propane. Being that it is collapsible I am assuming it is less sturdy do to the movable parts aspect. Collapsible to me though means it takes up less space. Based on those criteria I think I would choose the 3 in 1 collapsible grill as my survival cooking gear.

my path to becoming a prepper